"Chrysoulla is one of the finest sound designers working in Sydney. When ATYP first worked with her on a production in 2016 we were struck by her ability to understand the relationship between music, sound and dramatic tension. She is an exceptional composer and collaborator with an innate understanding of the relationship between sound and storytelling. I have no hesitation in recommending Chrysoulla for any project on stage or screen. I love working with her."

- FRASER CORFIELD, Artistic Director of ATYP -

“Chrysoulla your score for this show was extraordinary. It shaped and guided the show in all the right moments and made the transitions ‘sing’. Never tired of hearing that transition from Two Hours Ahead into Good Boy Pretty Girl!”

- SOPHIE KELLY, Director of Intersection 2019: Arrival -  

"Chrysoulla Markoulli's sound design is astounding, the soundscape and music she has composed for the promo videos and for the show bring me to tears, they are so moving." 


"Sound by chrysoulla markoulli is impressively exacting, in all its manipulations of atmosphere." 

- SUZY WRONG, Theatre Critic, Suzy Goes See for 'YEN'-

"Chrysoulla Markoulli's evocative sound design is similarly moody. This thoughtful technical amalgamation builds the world around its characters, elevating the all-round excellent performances of its four-person ensemble." 

- DEBBIE ZHOU, Theatre Critic, Audrey Journal for 'YEN'-


4th place in the 2020 

scorelive competition

CHRYSOULLA COMPOSER. © 2020 by Chrysoulla Markoulli.  

Art by Constantina Markoulli.