"Chrysoulla was the incredible composer and sound designer for our short film. She is an enthusiastic, charming and professional artist through every aspect of her work. Chrysoulla has a wonderful work ethic and imaginative creativity, utilising her surrounds to create immersive composition. Our collaboration with Chrysoulla during the difficult circumstances surrounding the 2020 pandemic exceeded our expectations and cemented our decision to wanting to work with Chrysoulla on many projects to come. Her clear communication, versatility and accommodating nature made the process an incredible experience. ARACOURT recommends Chrysoulla for any project requiring sound design and composition, and we look forward to our next collaboration in the near future."
"Chrysoulla is an exceptionally talented and intuitive composer with great versatility and range. In a tight turnaround, she rigorously crafted a powerful, terrifying score for our horror short, Barnacle Face. Finding creative common-ground was easy and exciting due to her clarity of communication and firm grasp of the relationships between music, sound and picture. I very much recommend Chrysoulla for her musical prowess for screen and stage composition. It was a privilege and joy to work with her."
"Chrysoulla is a sensitive, perceptive and talented composer/collaborator. Working on My Brilliant Career she was able to put aside any preconceived notions she had and compose music that delicately and beautifully enhanced the totality of the play. It was this ability to adapt and appreciate the subtlety required that I found particularly impressive. The music she composed helped the play to soar and land exactly as needed. Chrysoulla is definitely a composer with a bright future ahead of her."

"Chrysoulla is one of the finest sound designers working in Sydney. When ATYP first worked with her on a production in 2016 we were struck by her ability to understand the relationship between music, sound and dramatic tension. She is an exceptional composer and collaborator with an innate understanding of the relationship between sound and storytelling. I have no hesitation in recommending Chrysoulla for any project on stage or screen. I love working with her."
“Chrysoulla is a composer of exceptional range and musical depth. She worked tirelessly to compose over ten separate pieces of music spanning multiple genres in an incredibly short space of time. The result was stunning and garnered praise from audiences and critics alike. I look forward to working with her again.”
"I first met Chrysoulla in 2016 when I was her mentor for the ATYP production of “Fight With All Your Might The Zombies Of Tonight”. This was her first foray into working in theatre and I was immediately impressed by the way she responded to the script and the rehearsal process. I feel she has a great natural ability for theatre composing and design and I’ve been pleased to see her work blossom in recent projects. I’m a big fan of not only the work she creates and the way she communicates with other creatives and actors but also her passion and dedication to her craft."
kate champion, director
fraser corfield, director
sophie kelly, director
steve francis, mentor
jean-david le goullon, director

Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes SeE (YEN, 2018)

"Sound by Chrysoulla Markoulli is impressively exacting, in all its manipulations of atmosphere."